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Sold Works

Grain Elevators

Livingston Teslow from Rail Yard  (252).jpg

Livingston Teslow from Rail Yard (252).jpg

Anceny Elevator at Sundown  (130).jpg

Anceny Elevator at Sundown (130).jpg

Sunlight Under Clouds  (129).jpg

Sunlight Under Clouds (129).jpg

Reed Pt. Elevators  (127).jpg

Reed Pt. Elevators (127).jpg

Rapelje Elevators  (125).jpg

Rapelje Elevators (125).jpg

Chadbourne Elevator  (114).jpg

Chadbourne Elevator (114).jpg

Wilsall Elevators  (115).jpg

Wilsall Elevators (115).jpg

Three Forks Teslow  (60).jpg

Three Forks Teslow (60).jpg

Dry Creek Elevator  (55).jpg

Dry Creek Elevator (55).jpg

Ashton, (ID) Elevator  (52).jpg

Ashton, (ID) Elevator (52).jpg

Hi-Line Elev. (study)  (35).jpg

Hi-Line Elev. (study) (35).jpg

Teslow (Who's Next?)  (12).jpg

Teslow (Who's Next?) (12).jpg

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