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Winter Chickadees  (194).jpg

Winter Chickadees (194).jpg

Sundown in Paradise Valley  (242).jpg

Sundown in Paradise Valley (242).jpg

Payne's Place  (184).jpg

Payne's Place (184).jpg

Winter Morning at Deep Creek  (186).jpg

Winter Morning at Deep Creek (186).jpg

Tipis in Arroyo  (188).jpg

Tipis in Arroyo (188).jpg

MacDonald Creek  (189).jpg

MacDonald Creek (189).jpg

Franks' New Holland I  (143) .jpg

Franks' New Holland I (143) .jpg

Sunrise (Declo, ID)  (45).jpg

Sunrise (Declo, ID) (45).jpg

Afternoon Haybales  (42).jpg

Afternoon Haybales (42).jpg

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