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Sold Works

Route 66

Rio Pecos Truck Stop (NM)  (107).jpg

Rio Pecos Truck Stop (NM) (107).jpg

Elephant's Tooth Rock, Oatman, AZ  (106).jpg

Elephant's Tooth Rock, Oatman, AZ (106).jpg

The Promised Land  (110).jpg

The Promised Land (110).jpg

"66" Courts  (109).jpg

"66" Courts (109).jpg

Yellow Horse Trading Post  (104).jpg

Yellow Horse Trading Post (104).jpg

Brush Ck. Bridge, KS  (102).jpg

Brush Ck. Bridge, KS (102).jpg

Shamrock Cafe  (101).jpg

Shamrock Cafe (101).jpg

Shamrock Conoco  (100).jpg

Shamrock Conoco (100).jpg

Across the River  (99).jpg

Across the River (99).jpg

West of the Pecos  (97).jpg

West of the Pecos (97).jpg

Oklahoma City Railway Station  (92).jpg

Oklahoma City Railway Station (92).jpg

Sky of Promise  (86).jpg

Sky of Promise (86).jpg

Water Tank (NM)  (83).jpg

Water Tank (NM) (83).jpg

Pink Motel (NM)  (82).jpg

Pink Motel (NM) (82).jpg

Hydro, OK  (81).jpg

Hydro, OK (81).jpg

Oklahoma Windmill  (80).jpg

Oklahoma Windmill (80).jpg

Moon Over Pines (AZ)  (76).jpg

Moon Over Pines (AZ) (76).jpg

Big Arroyo, NM  (75).jpg

Big Arroyo, NM (75).jpg

Pastoral  (295).jpg

Pastoral (295).jpg

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