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Sold Works


The "Mule Barn"  (282).jpg

The "Mule Barn" (282).jpg

Abandoned Schoolhouse  (163).jpg

Abandoned Schoolhouse (163).jpg

Girls Softball  (160).jpg

Girls Softball (160).jpg

Paradise Valley Spring  (141).jpg

Paradise Valley Spring (141).jpg

Rail Yard in Afternoon Sun  (120).jpg

Rail Yard in Afternoon Sun (120).jpg

Muddy Lane  (70).jpg

Muddy Lane (70).jpg

Cattle Chute with Sheep Wagon (KR)  (68).jpg

Cattle Chute with Sheep Wagon (KR) (68).jpg

Carter's Bridge  (58).jpg

Carter's Bridge (58).jpg

American Minerets  (51).jpg

American Minerets (51).jpg

Red Barns, Smokey Evening  (43).jpg

Red Barns, Smokey Evening (43).jpg

Haybales & Boxcars  (41).jpg

Haybales & Boxcars (41).jpg

Beaverslide  (38).jpg

Beaverslide (38).jpg

Martinsdale Hotel (34).jpg

Martinsdale Hotel (34).jpg

Early Summer Morning  (33).jpg

Early Summer Morning (33).jpg

Abandoned Substation  (22).jpg

Abandoned Substation (22).jpg

The Murray, Sunday Morning  (243).jpg

The Murray, Sunday Morning (243).jpg

2nd Street Holidays  (183).jpg

2nd Street Holidays (183).jpg

Rialto Cinema  (152).jpg

Rialto Cinema (152).jpg

Across the River  (99).jpg

Across the River (99).jpg

Rail Yard in Afternoon Sun  (120).jpg

Rail Yard in Afternoon Sun (120).jpg

Paula' Alley  (116).jpg

Paula' Alley (116).jpg

Friday Night  (56).jpg

Friday Night (56).jpg

Livngston Alley  (113).jpg

Livngston Alley (113).jpg

Livingston Late Afternoon  (30).jpg

Livingston Late Afternoon (30).jpg

The Owl (247.5)  .jpg

The Owl (247.5) .jpg

Fox River Factory  (145).jpg

Fox River Factory (145).jpg

Old Town  (134).jpg

Old Town (134).jpg

The Baxter  (176).jpg

The Baxter (176).jpg

Livingston Depot  (126).jpg

Livingston Depot (126).jpg

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